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GCR Books

GCR books for Summer 2012

GCR Books - July 2012

GCR Books, the independent publisher of Arsenal-related titles, is publishing two more Arsenal books in July/August 2012.


Captain of Wales by Walley Barnes

Captain of Wales was first published in 1953 towards the end of the author's career with both Arsenal and Wales.

Born in Brecon, Walley Barnes learned his football skills in India kicking a ball around with other soldiers' children on the lower slopes of the Himalayas.

He started his professional career with Arsenal during the Second World War and became a first team regular and one of the best full-backs in the country. At a time of capped wages, top players could expect to earn £1000 a year and had to plan for life after football. Cushy jobs as football pundits were a long way off.

Those who feel unable to relate to the superstars of today with their seven-figure salaries, fast cars and country estates should find Captain of Wales a refreshing alternative.

Published by GCR Books Ltd
RRP: £12.95
Publication date: 31st July 2012
Available from for £8.95 + postage
Available from for £10.00 + postage


The Battle Of London by Rex Pardoe

Arsenal and Tottenham have been North London neighbours for 99 years following Arsenal's move from Plumstead to Highbury in 1913. This relocation to within three miles of Spurs' White Hart Lane ground was the start of the rivalry between these two great clubs.

The relationship was to become more strained six years later when Arsenal replaced Spurs in the old First Division when football resumed after the First World War. How Arsenal achieved this despite finishing 6th in Division 2 is fully explained in The Battle of London.

Author Rex Pardoe looks at the history of the clubs' rivalry, their origins, their highs and lows, their respective League and FA Cup doubles of 1960-61 and 1970-71 and the early adventures of the two sides in European competition.

Managers and great players come under the microscope in this unbiased account of the history and battles between two of football's greatest adversaries.

Published by GCR Books Ltd
RRP: £12.95
Publication date: 18th August 2012
Available from for £8.95 + postage