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Arsenal fans celebrate 100-year anniversary

Arsenal fans celebrate 100-year anniversary

Sammy Nelson was one of the stars of the latest AISA event, held to celebrate the 100-year anniversary.

The AISA Arsenal History Society has compiled a timeline of some of the key dates from 1913:

5 February 1913:   The Islington Gazette reports that Arsenal plan to move to Islington.  This is the first ever public report showing that the decision had been taken.

22 February 1913: Gillespie Road named in the press for the first time as the site of the new ground.

1 March 1913:  Following the establishment on 18 May 1910 at the Football League AGM that the League has no control over where a club plays, it has no hesitation in rejecting appeals by Tottenham and Clapton Orient to prohibit Arsenal from moving to Gillespie Road.

4 March 1913:  For the first time ever Henry Norris confirms publicly that Arsenal are moving to Gillespie Road in 1913.

4 April 1913:  The recently formed Highbury Defence Committee (made up of middle class householders) joins with Islington Council and pushes through a vote of the Council against Arsenal moving to the Gillespie Road ground.  Henry Norris is in attendance but does not speak.

26 April 1913:  Last League ever game at the Manor Ground (drew 1-1).

26 May 1913: Having had their attempts to block the move by Arsenal to North London rejected, in accordance with the 1910 ruling, Tottenham’s demand for an EGM of league clubs.  Insufficient numbers of clubs sign the demand for the EGM, and so the meeting is never held.   The event is the first sign that a significant number of clubs welcome Arsenal’s move to its new ground.

28 June 1913.  According to the programme for the first league match at Gillespie Road the club had only had access to the ground for 60 working days – which would mean that the lease for the new ground was signed on or just before this day.

20 August 1913: Arsenal play a pre-season practice match at Craven Cottage as the new Gillespie Road ground is still being built

27 August 1913: Arsenal play a second practice match at The Den

30 August 1913:  The first ever match is played at the Gillespie Road ground.  A practice match behind closed doors.

6 September 1913:  The First competitive match at Highbury 1913.  Woolwich Arsenal beat Leicester Fosse 2-1.  20,000 present. The ground however is far from complete.  The programme records the name as Gillespie Road but invites supporters to write in with suggestions for a new name.




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