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AFC Fans' Forum

Fans' Forum - Sep 09

Arsenal Fans Forum 2009/10 - September 2009

A new season brought many new faces to the Forum, with more than half the supporter reps attending their first ever meeting. Trevor Saving, the new Arsenal HR Director, was also a newbie, joining Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis and various senior staff.

* There were 1,900 non-renewals of general admission season tickets over the summer. This was more than in previous years, but was said to be less than had been expected.
* There are now 35,000 Gold members, 25,000 Silver, 76,000 Red, and over 40,000 on the Season Ticket waiting list.
* Club Level will be full again this season (although it took longer to sell out than previously), with a waiting list for next season.
* There were 3,000 requests to relocate season tickets, only a small percentage of which could be fulfilled.  When doing this, priority was given to those requests backed with a medical reason, or a request from stadium management to separate groups of people.
* After the Alkmaar away ticket situation, the Club have said that in future they will send emails to away scheme members in advance of Euro away on sale dates.  But, because of spam filters, or any number of reasons why email may not get delivered, they stressed not to rely on these 100%.
* Regarding expensive European away tickets (e.g. £59 for Liege), Arsenal push UEFA on this where "sharp practices" seem to be in play but there is little sign of UEFA taking any action.

* One of the stadium "cores" has been decorated with 4 legends, to form part of the "huddle".  Similar decoration for the other 7 cores is to follow soon - should be by the Olympiacos game.
* Much of the lower tier concourse decoration is completed. A few items (e.g. Arsenal Tube station mural, a big tiled cannon, and a timeline around the inner edge of the concourse) still to do.
* The Club have agreed to bring the clock back into the stadium; and to rename the quadrants. There was not time to do it for this season (because of the impact on the pitch, and time needed for emergency services to adapt, respectively).  Some more long term preparation is now underway to do both next summer.
* Highbury Shrine has had a couple of problems, should be there by the Olympiacos game.
* Plans are now turning to celebrations of Arsenal's 125th anniversary.  Fan input will be sought on this.

* Trevor Saving, the new HR Director, is a long term season ticket holder. He stated his main job as improving the "Arsenal experience", which means working with stewards, retail employees and catering staff, to make sure that they are delivering the experience the club wants fans to have. A lot to do here, especially as many of the people in question do not work directly for Arsenal.
* Highbury Square will still deliver a profit, unless there is a further calamity in the property market.