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AISA calls for changes in Arsenal ticketing policies

AISA calls for changes in Arsenal ticketing policies

Proposals from members about changing Arsenal ticketing policies will be discussed when AISA meets the Club later this week. With a minimum of eight home FA Cup and Champions League matches this season, and the possibility of as many as eleven, it is important that the Club's success has positive effects on their ticketing policies, AISA believes. "Recognising loyalty and supporting fans who already struggle to pay existing prices are the items that are top of our agenda" an AISA spokesperson said.

Ticketing policies are unlikely to be changed 'on the hoof' by the Club but the home FA Cup draw with Liverpool has brought issues of affordability into focus once again and gives the Club the opportunity to use the extra income to demonstrate its values and consider improvements to its policies, including many proposals AISA has previously raised.


26th January 2014

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