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Do you sympathise with Man City fans?

Do you sympathise with Man City fans?

Manchester City have failed to sell all their tickets for Sunday's match at the Emirates Stadium. The high cost (£62) has been cited as the reason but there was no such protest when Chelsea charged City £59 for the match at Stamford Bridge.
Whatever the true reasons this issue has again highlighted that ticket prices at Premiership clubs have risen rapidly, and any further increases will result in core fans being priced-out of live football. With lucrative new TV contracts coming into place now is the time for fans to say "no more" and for every Premier League club to publicly recognise and value their supporters.

AISA believes that a cap should be applied to ticket prices at every Premier League club, so that overall prices are frozen at current levels for a minimum of three years. In the current economic environment this is the least that football can do for hard-pressed fans, who follow their team home and away; who are the lifeblood of football, and who need to be supported not exploited.

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