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AISA celebrates the unveiling of three Arsenal statues

AISA celebrates the unveiling of three Arsenal statues

The AISA Arsenal History Society (AAHS) has congratulated the Club after the unveiling of three statues of Arsenal legends, Herbert Chapman, Tony Adams and Thierry Henry.

The group has been campaigning for staues to be erected since they realised that the bust of Herbert Chapman was no longer accessible to supporters, having been moved into the Directors entrance at The Emirates Stadium.

Previously the bust was in the main reception at Highbury, where everyone could see and admire it. The subject was first raised in August 2010 at the regular AISA quarterly meeting with Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis.

One of the topics discussed was how to best celebrate the club's history. AISA pointed out that supporters no longer had an icon at the ground which referred to the club's history and which they could show to friends and family.

Therefore, it was suggested; why not have a statue of Herbert Chapman somewhere in the walkways around the new stadium? And come to that, why not have other statues too?

AISA had been impressed by the club's innovation in erecting the Arsenal Wall, celebrating every player who ever played for the club at Highbury, and suggested that more such developments in the coming months and years would be very welcome.

Mr Gazidis said at the time that he loved the 'statues' idea, and that although it might take a bit of time to achieve, he would really like to see it happen. This development has come at a time the club is actively giving much greater recognition to the history of the club than ever before. 

Not least among this recognition is the publication of the regular Arsenal Uncovered feature from AAHS chairman, Tony Attwood, in the club programme for each match - something that has helped us gain many new friends and visitors to the AISA Arsenal History web site.

Following the weekend's celebrations and enjoyment, the group is now asking the question "what next?"  If you have any thoughts on how else the club should celebrate its past please do join in the debate online or contact Tony Attwood

Among other things AAHS are planning is a year-by-year chronology of the major achievements of the club on the blog, and help is being sought to make sure that every important date is included.

If you have an interest in Arsenal's history, please do follow the blog, and feed in your ideas on what AAHS should be doing to celebrate the history and past achievements of our club.

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