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AISA puts forward 10-point ticketing and loyalty plan

AISA puts forward 10-point ticketing and loyalty plan

AISA Ticketing Proposals tabled with Ivan Gazidis, 25 March 2011

A) Limiting any general increase in Ticket Prices

For gold members in the Upper and Lower Tiers we recommend that the Club freeze prices for these members.

We hope that you are able to accept our recommendation, but if not, to balance the effects of any increase, AISA would propose that Arsenal should simultaneously introduce a package of measures that reflect the Club's commitment to its long-term supporters and its understanding that the economic situation is having a serious effect on a large number of committed fans.

B) Loyalty needs to be seen to be recognised and rewarded

Season tickets at Arsenal are already very expensive for three reasons:

(a) They include payment for 26 matches
(b) Basic seat prices are relatively expensive
(c) The discount offered to season-ticket holders is tiny

We make two specific proposals:

(i) The annual discount that is offered to season-ticket holders is doubled from 3.4% to 6.8%
(ii) The Club introduces a Loyalty scheme that provides discounts for all season-ticket holders when purchasing additional tickets through the Friends & Family service

Outside of ticketing there are other ways in which the Club should demonstrate its appreciation of long-term supporters e.g. 20 year and 40 year badges, annual events for a selection of 50-year season-ticket holders, occasional free vouchers for the Club shop, free entry to the Club museum. The cost of what could quite easily be developed does not need to be great.

The Club already has a culture within some parts of the Club that recognises many individual fans from time to time, in a host of ways. We are proud of this approach; it is admirable and much appreciated by those who know about it and occasionally benefit from it. It needs to be broadened and deepened, and institutionalised.

C) Staged payments

The Club should set up a scheme whereby payments for season-tickets can be made in 4 instalments:

25% by 1 July, 25% by 1 September, 25% by 1 November, 25% by 1 January

Supporters who opted for this scheme would not be charged any interest but there would be a small (3%) administrative fee.

D) Transferring membership levels

After 5 years membership at a particular level, supporters should have the option of changing their level of membership i.e. from platinum to gold, from gold to silver, or from silver to red. The Club could cap the numbers able to take up this option could be capped in each category. This would allow the Club to model out any potential impact. The mechanism could be length of membership or a random draw.

E) Reductions for seniors

The refusal to allow discounts to seniors unless they move to the Family Enclosure continues to cause much distress and resentment. The Club should allow a percentage of requests each year; again the numbers could be capped, and if necessary selected at random.

F) Screening of away matches at The Emirates Stadium

Following this season's 60% increase in the charges made, the Club should introduce a Family Ticket that allows one reduced price ticket for each Junior Gunner accompanied by an adult.

G) Improving communications and consultation

The Club should share the reasoning behind its decision-making more widely, earlier and in more detail. We believe that the supporters' organisations are part of the Arsenal family and that a more inclusive approach is required by the Club. We understand that such things are not easy, and that there are commercial sensitivities that don't always make it easy to share information. None of that precludes the Club from discussing in a more open and modern way its rationale, its decision-making, and indeed we are certain that a degree of consultation would benefit the process, as well as enabling supporters to have greater confidence and understanding in the Club's decisions.

H) Away season-ticket holders

A level of membership should be formally introduced for away season-ticket holders, and some benefits developed that recognise the key part that these supporters play in the long-term health of the Club.

I) Rewarding those who attend every home match

The Club should introduce a scheme that directly rewards season-ticket holders who attend every match (even if it is only a very limited recognition of say one fan each match being given a VIP package for 2).

J) Ticket Exchange Scheme

The Club should develop an enhancement of the Ticket Exchange scheme that:

(a) provides greater incentive for supporters not attending to advertise their seats through the Exchange, and
(b) allows gold and platinum members to purchase tickets on the Exchange, at least for category B matches.


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