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Catering - March 2011 update

Catering - March 2011 update

AISA met the Operations Manager from Delaware North (Arsenal's caterers) before the Sunderland match to discuss the many emails we have had from our members about the catering at the stadium.

He assured us that Delaware North and Arsenal are rethinking the present arrangements in order to speed up the service and increase efficiency. There will be more outlets providing different types of products and these will be clearly signposted.

They hope to be able to provide a wider range of beers and they are looking into having more beer-only outlets. They are also giving serious consideration to selling real ale.

We talked about the poor quality of the hot drinks, which they hope will be improved as new coffees etc are going to be introduced quite soon.

If you have a complaint, eg the hot chocolate at a particular kiosk is always weak/watery, and it's not convenient to take up with the kiosk supervisor, Delaware gave us this advice: each till will have a number on it so try to make a note of it then there should also be a sign next to each kiosk showing the kiosk number and an email address to which you can write. If you do contact them in this way, please feel free to copy on your email as we're always keen to hear about your experiences and to follow them up if we can.

Some improvements will be implemented this season but the major changes will not be in place until 2011/12. We should see a change for the better in August.

Please keep sending us your views and suggestions via email or the Contact AISA box on this website.

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