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The Voice of Arsenal - an update

The Voice of Arsenal - an update

Earlier this season we told you about our new project "The Voice of Arsenal" and invited you to submit suggestions for AISA to focus on this season in our meetings with the club.

We received suggestions on a wide range of subjects - from improved seat numbering to widening the range of beers to getting rid of Elvis to moving the away section. However, a large majority of the suggestions concerned tickets and membership and it's two of these issues that we've chosen to focus on, starting with our next meeting with Ivan Gazidis in a few weeks time.

The first concerns the way Arsenal treats older supporters, who can only get reduced rate tickets by moving to the Family Enclosure; whether Gold, Silver or Red members, people have to choose between leaving behind the fellow supporters they may have sat with for several decades or continue to pay full price. We've looked at the way other clubs treat their older supporters and have concrete suggestions for how Arsenal could improve things ours.

The second issue is Gold members who are no longer able to go to every game and want to give up their season-tickets but not going to at least some matches. Currently they are told they either have to keep their Gold membership or convert to Red but they can't convert to Silver. This discourages members from converting and actually encourages them to break the rules by passing/selling on their season ticket instead of someone on the season ticket waiting list - still up to 10 years long - and we would like Arsenal to re-consider this policy.

By the way, we're not forgetting or dismissing your other suggestions and many of them will still feed into our discussions with the club. We would like to thank everyone who contributed and hope we can report back positively very soon.

18 Oct 2010

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