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AISA has agreed a balanced and affordable package for season-ticket holders, and is urging Arsenal to adopt the following seven points

1. All season tickets should be frozen at the current rates for the duration of the new TV contract
2. A commitment should be given by the Club to increase the tiny annual discount provided by the Club to season ticket holders on a regular basis, until a reasonable level has been achieved
3. There is absolutely no need to apply categorisation to season tickets should there be 'extra' cup matches and this should be abandoned
4. Loyalty discounts should be provided by the Club to all season-ticket holders who have had a ticket continuously for 15 years, and then increased at 25 years, 35 years and so on
5. Season-ticket holders should be able to 'opt-out' of FA Cup matches, on a match by match basis
6. A staged-payment scheme should be introduced for season-ticket holders who struggle to pay the full amount by 1st June each year
7. At least two premier/prestige events should be organised by the club for season-ticket holders each year (with members selected by ballot if applications exceed numbers available)
Next month AISA will be discussing other ticketing matters, including the policies affecting silver, red and platinum members. As always suggestions are welcome on these, and everything else connected to supporters matchday experience. Contact us at if you want to put forward any suggestions or make any comment on our work

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