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Arsenal Away Ticketing Scheme

Arsenal Away Ticketing Scheme

One of the major issues of concern raised by members with AISA has been the increasing unofficial market for tickets for Arsenal away matches, and also the number of tickets not being used.

One of the proposals being put forward by AISA is to develop the ticket exchange to allow away tickets to be advertised there (this would be available both to away season ticket holders and those who have purchased a ticket for an individual match but we would expect it would mainly be used by the former).

We also discovered that there was a perception amongst many supporters that away tickets are never available to those with no credits but factually the case is that over the last 12 months at least 5 domestic matches have gone on sale to 'nil credits' (in addition to European matches).

In future AISA will be providing an additional service to Arsenal supporters by using social media to highlight occasions when tickets are available to supporters with low or nil credits.

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